Who We Are
myAniStudio stands as the paramount choice for motion graphics and visual effects, emanating its creative prowess from the vibrant hub of Orlando, Florida. Founded upon the collaborative genius of Anthony Porco and Patrick Couture, our studio distinguishes itself with a mastery of both 2D and 3D animation mediums. Our illustrious portfolio encompasses a spectrum of projects, spanning motion graphics and VFX for diverse applications such as commercials, explainer videos, animatics, pre-visualization, legal, and medical animations, among others.
Bolstered by a robust foundation in commercial pre-production, we pride ourselves on our swift and efficient work ethic. At myAniStudio, we are dedicated to not only meeting but surpassing the unique needs and expectations of our clients, ensuring a seamless fusion of creativity and proficiency in every endeavor.
Anthony Porco
Introducing Anthony, an accomplished Creative Director and esteemed co-owner of myAniStudio. Boasting an illustrious 21-year odyssey in the realms of motion graphics and animation, Anthony stands as a paragon of refined craftsmanship. His journey has been a testament to relentless dedication and the pursuit of perfection, resulting in an unparalleled mastery of his craft.
Anthony's proficiency is not only evidenced by his extensive experience but also by his outstanding reputation for consistently delivering superlative results with exceptional speed and efficiency. His work stands as a testament to the harmonious marriage of skill and swiftness, establishing him as a luminary in the field.
Renowned for his unwavering commitment to quality, Anthony remains at the forefront of the animation domain, continually raising the standard and setting new benchmarks for excellence. In the dynamic world of animation, Anthony is not just a practitioner; he is a standard-bearer of unparalleled skill and innovation.
Patrick Couture
Meet Patrick, a seasoned maestro in the realms of Motion Graphics and Visual Effects, boasting an impressive professional tenure spanning over 15+ years. His ascent to excellence began with distinction, as he emerged as the Valedictorian of his graduating class in 2008, setting the stage for a trajectory marked by unparalleled expertise.
Patrick's journey in the field has been characterized by a diverse array of roles, including impactful contributions to the fields of Medical Animation and Commercial Pre-visualization. It was in 2012 that Patrick, driven by a vision of creative collaboration, co-founded myAniStudio alongside Anthony Porco, a partnership that would further elevate the standards of excellence in the industry.
His foray into the dynamic world of animation has been guided by an unwavering commitment to precision and innovation. Patrick's unique blend of academic distinction, extensive professional experience, and entrepreneurial spirit positions him as a stalwart figure in the evolution of Motion Graphics and Visual Effects.

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